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Grounds Maintenance

At Cedar Tree Care we offer a fully managed Grounds Maintenance service to both public and private sector clients. No job is too big or small.

Gardens, parks and most outdoor spaces all require a certain amount of attention. Just how much depends on the project at hand. Grounds maintenance is a broad term used to define any number of tasks that involve the tending of a garden or a property’s grounds. This can range from mowing, watering or aerating a lawn, clearing weeds or other unwanted plant species to trimming and pruning trees, hedges or shrubberies. The upkeep of a garden or a property’s grounds can be a timely chore, especially without the correct tools and equipment. The hiring of arboricultural professionals to undertake ground maintenance projects will not only relieve some of the stresses that may occur when doing so but will also guarantee a professional and quality outcome.

We take great pride in our work and always aim for 100% client satisfaction, a large majority of our work comes for work of mouth recommendations and repeat business, this is because we carry our work out to the highest possible standard and always clear all waste and leave the property clean and tidy. To find out how we can help maintain your grounds please contact our experienced team on 07572 535 206 today.

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Hedges, Shrubs & Bush Pruning 

The tending of hedges, shrubs and bushes by way of pruning should be a regular activity for those looking to maintain a healthy-looking garden or outdoor space. It keeps one’s garden aesthetically pleasing to the eye and benefits the health and growth of a garden’s hedges, shrubs and bushes. Aside from the visual and health factors pruning hedgerows in a particular fashion can also provide privacy and wind-breaking attributes. Although hedge, shrub and bush pruning must always be carefully planned and executed exercise because overdoing so can also have a detrimental effect. So it is important to get the balance just right. Ideally, pruning should be carried out at the beginning and the end of each summer season with general maintenance throughout the summertime as and where it is needed.

Hedge Trimming 

Whilst hedge trimming can seem a fairly pedestrian process, various factors ought to require the help of an experienced professional. Not only are high-powered and dangerous equipment, such as chainsaws, needed but there are also some hedge types up and down the UK which could pose potential health risks due to their poisonous nature. 

Aesthetically speaking, hedge trimming should be seen as a skill or art form, not just something quickly applied on the first hot day of the year. When employing trained and competent individuals they can apply their knowledge and experience to achieve the very best results. 

Contract Maintenance

If you are the owner of a business or property the most efficient means to ensure all aspects of your surrounding land, garden, pathways etc are kept looking immaculate is by contract maintenance. By way of contract, Cedar Tree Care will maintain the upkeep and arboricultural maintenance of our client’s business or property. Managing ongoing tasks such as crown thinning, shrub pruning, hedge trimming or border maintenance doesn’t only offer peace of mind but also keeps costs down. In the hectic world we now live in these such things can be easy to put off until it is too late. But when contracting an outfit such as Cedar Tree Care we guarantee to keep on top of all arboricultural matters so our client needn’t worry. 

Tree Surgery

Our expert workforce offers the most professional tree survey service in London, Essex and Kent. Passionate about our craft, honest in our nature our team are as efficient as any and are certified to deal with any tree height with the knowledge to do so in any environment. Following your free, no obligation quote our team can get to work right away using top of the range equipment for all manner of tree surgery services such as crown thinning, crown reduction, crown lifting, felling, cable bracing and more.

Pruning Garden Clearance

Following the activity of pruning, it is essential to commence pruning garden clearance. After tending to a garden or a property’s hedge, shrubs or bushes, the clearance of what remains ought to be done in an environmentally friendly fashion. Any garden waste, such as leaves, twigs or branches must be disposed of by way of local council policy. A professional arboricultural service will have the means and methods of doing so whilst causing little or minimum environmental impact. 

Flower Beds & Shrubberies 

No garden space is complete without flower beds & shrubberies. The contrasting colours and shapes of different flowers and shrubs are what make each garden unique. But when it comes to planting or tending for them, professional arboriculturists can apply the skill and experience needed to make a garden, park or commercial space come to life. The work needed to maintain flower beds and shrubberies will change each season and will need to be close attention to remain healthy.  

Weed control

The removal of weeds and intrusive plant species is vital to maintaining a healthy garden space. When employing a weed control service there should be discourse between the client and the company as to the methods that will be used to fix the problem. There are only two methods by which to remove weeds; by hand or by environmentally friendly herbicides. The most common and stubborn weeds found in the UK are brambles, stinging nettles, bindweeds and Japanese knotweed. But a competent weed control service can readily remove and destroy all of these. 

Winter salt/gritting service

When the winter hits using a winter salt and gritting service to ensure safety fought to be considered. The salting and gritting process works by gradually turning the ice and snow into a saline solution that has a lower freezing point than water. Once the desired amount has been applied further movement by vehicles helps the salt to spread and move to eventually melt the ice which subsequently prevents ice from forming. Salting and gritting ought to be applied on roads or paths on either domestic or commercial land to prevent accidents from occurring. 

Residential Services

When undertaking residential arboricultural projects there are many factors to be considered. To achieve the very best service, it is important that the firm carrying out the work also comprehend this. Our team can offer a wealth of tree care knowledge that has been gleaned from years of experience working in the residential sector.

As consummate tree care professionals, we can provide free onsite quotations of any residential setting within 24 hours of an enquiry in a manner that makes our customers feel at ease and confident in our service.

Residential tree care and conservation management entail different methods and services which assure the safety of a customer’s property and those close by and Cedar Tree Care is capable of applying such methods. For more information get in touch today.

Commercial Services

Our team are accomplished and experienced in many aspects of commercial arboriculture. We can advise and implement strategies to undertake small or large-scale commercial projects such as housing developments and retail complexes before their construction.

We are fully equipped and trained to provide any number of tree clearance services with the correct manpower to work to any agreed schedule. We are also able to ensure the removal, clearance and recycling of any green waste in keeping with the laws and regulations of green disposal.

It is important to hire a service that understands how to manage commercial arboriculture work efficiently and safely whilst demonstrating a working knowledge of such through previous projects, Cedar Tree Care can do exactly that. So contact us today.