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About Us

Cedar Tree Care takes the utmost care in our approach to trees. By using modern arboriculture techniques and environmentally friendly equipment, we ensure the most thorough and effective solutions to all aspects of tree work.

At Cedar Tree Care, we find trees fascinating. How could we not? As one of the world’s largest natural resources, trees are vital to sustaining life on earth. They offer food and protection for animals and wildlife, provide sustainable materials for living and most importantly, produce up to 28 per cent of the earth’s oxygen. Without trees, life could resemble the plot of a dystopian horror movie in which humans are forced to wear breathing apparatuses just to survive and then battle over dwindling food stocks due to the fall of agriculture and continuous, chronic global droughts.

With that in mind, it is no wonder that each member of our outfit has an unyielding affection for their tree work. This kind of respect for the industry has helped make Cedar Tree Care the premier provider of tree surgery care in London, Essex and Kent. With a returning client base that comprises domestic, corporate and governmental customers our team of experts is capable of providing the entire spectrum of hedge, shrubbery and tree doctoring services whilst ensuring guaranteed satisfaction with every project.

Regarding our work, it should be of no surprise that the profession is highly specialised. The risks involved for the worker and the customer can be ultra-hazardous if the correct measures are not in place and procedures are not followed. Our combined years of experience as a company coupled with our forensically professional attitude means that any Cedar Tree Care project will always meet the highest safety standards. By employing innovative techniques whilst using the most environmentally-friendly equipment, our clients can be safe in the knowledge our comprehensive understanding of arboriculture will lead to the very best of results for the most affordable price.

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