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For all your fuel for the fire look no furher than Cedar Tree Care. We provide a source of ecologically friendly firewood to get you through the winter at a reasonable price. Your felled wood and that of other clients is recycled for good use. You will have delivered to your home firewood or kindling that is ready to be used for a glorious fire.

If you need eco-friendly and responsibly sourced firewood, look no further than Cedar Tree Care. Our prompt door-to-door delivery service visits homes and properties throughout the London, Essex and Kent regions supplying ecologically friendly firewood and kindling ready to be used instantly.

The firewood we provide is seasoned to allow for optimal moisture content that makes combustion easy. Hand-cut by us with wood-burning, stoves or agars in mind, the product we offer is far superior to kiln-dried wood and is also less expensive. Not only that but it lasts far longer and is more ecological as it does not require any form of fuel or order to ignite.

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Why use our firewood?

  • Quality seasoned firewood
  • We deliver to your home
  • All wood is recycled from waste wood we have cut down in our tree surgeon work
  • It’s an inexpensive source of firewood
  • We supply different types of wood in one bundle, which is better for a stove, as the wood of different trees have varying burning times
  • Our wood is hand cut for convenience when burning

Residential Services

When undertaking residential arboricultural projects there are many factors to be considered. To achieve the very best service, it is important that the firm carrying out the work also comprehend this. Our team can offer a wealth of tree care knowledge that has been gleaned from years of experience working in the residential sector.

As consummate tree care professionals, we can provide free onsite quotations of any residential setting within 24 hours of an enquiry in a manner that makes our customers feel at ease and confident in our service.

Residential tree care and conservation management entail different methods and services which assure the safety of a customer’s property and those close by and Cedar Tree Care is capable of applying such methods. For more information get in touch today.

Commercial Services

Our team are accomplished and experienced in many aspects of commercial arboriculture. We can advise and implement strategies to undertake small or large-scale commercial projects such as housing developments and retail complexes before their construction.

We are fully equipped and trained to provide any number of tree clearance services with the correct manpower to work to any agreed schedule. We are also able to ensure the removal, clearance and recycling of any green waste in keeping with the laws and regulations of green disposal.

It is important to hire a service that understands how to manage commercial arboriculture work efficiently and safely whilst demonstrating a working knowledge of such through previous projects, Cedar Tree Care can do exactly that. So contact us today.